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Which Brand?

When it comes to choosing a SUP you’ve got quite a few options, so one of the things you can do to save time from the outset is start with a reputable brand that's been around for a while.  We specialise in Jobe - the market leader in Stand-up Paddle Boards.  We’re believers that you needn't look any further when it comes to Jobe's trusted and reputable range of SUPs, and here’s why:

  1. They’ve been in the business longer than anyone else, first pioneering inflatable kayaks over 70 years ago in 1948.
  2. Sevylor have continued to pave the way, and today they are the single most reputable maker of inflatable kayaks in the world, recognised for their reliability and strength.
  3. They produce a diverse and extensive range of models to suit every need, and work in partnership with us to deliver excellent customer care with generous warranty policy.
  4. Most of our team have used every kayak in the Sevylor fleet, and know each model intimately.  As keen enthusiasts, you can count on us to provide you with down-to-earth advice, suggestions and guidance before buying.


Solid vs. Inflatable?

Solid stand up paddle boards have an EPS foam core that is coated in fiberglass and epoxy resin - the result; a lightweight, durable and perfectly solid construction.  The down side to solid SUPs are fairly obvious, they tend to be more expensive and storing them can be problematic if you don't have much space in the garage or roof racks on your car.  For a bomb-proof SUP check out Jobe's Titan range, which is made from monocoque fiberglass blended with the world's strongest polycarbonate shell design to endure heavy impact.  For something a little more styling, but still incredible tough, browse the Bamboo range which incorporates lengths of varnished wood for a beautiful appearance. 

Inflatable SUPs are constructed from heavy-duty armoured PVC.  The top and bottom layers are bound by a density of nylon threads, which resists against the air inside forcing the two layers apart. The result - a highly pressurised, completely solid paddle board.  Perfectly shaped, a panelled with a foam in areas for good grip, Jobe's inflatable SUPs have very little flex (if any at all).  The biggest benefit of course is storage - they can be deflated and stored in a backpack, which encourages usage further afield for spectacular experiences.  Check out our inflatable models.  Another benefit of inflatable SUPs is there superb stability, which has lead to the increasing practise of SUP yoga.  Check our range of Yoga SUPs by Jobe.


Shape & Length?

The length of a board tends to determine how the board handles. In general, longer boards are faster than shorter boards, but shorter boards are more maneuverable, and sometimes slightly more stable due to the extra width.  See the board shapes below for guidance:

SHORT (Under 10 ft)

Perfect for surfing, but also a manageable size for kids

Small SUP Paddle Board (under 10 ft)

MEDIUM (10ft to 12ft)

Perfect all-rounder for adults

Medium Adult SUP Paddle Board (10ft to 12ft)

LONG (Over 12ft)

Great for speed and long distance paddling

Long SUP Paddle Boards for Touring


It’s always a good idea to chat to someone who’s used them before and can advise you without guessing.  We’re a helpful bunch and always take the time to educate friends on the Jobe SUP range.

If we can help, get in touch.

Happy paddling! 


Jobe SUP Paddle Boards