AquaMarina® Tomahawk 12ft (2024)


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Here's what we think

The Tomahawk 2024 is the most recent addition to the AquaMarina® fleet.  This impressive craft has shaken up the inflatable kayak market with a level of rigidity and stiffness that is utterly gobsmacking.  The Tomahawk has received praise from both hobbyist paddlers and fibreglass-kayak enthusiasts alike.  Constructed using drop-stitch technology, this award-winning kayak sets an entirely new standard for today's paddlers, offering a stable, smooth and effortless motion through the water without the need for roof racks.  In fact, the entire kit can be thrown into a bag small enough to go on your back for a hike.

A more expensive choice, the Tomahawk is an investment in return for unparalleled strength, performance and stability.  See what we're talking about in the clip below:


❓ Seating options

The Tomahawk comes in three versions:

AIR-K 375 (Solo / Single-seater)

AIR-K 440 (Twin / 2-seater)

AIR-C (Triple / 3-seater)


🛶 How does it paddle?

The Tomahawk has received praise from enthusiastic paddlers all over Europe.  As always, our team at Aquascene have put it through its paces too, and we've been extremely impressed.  The Tomahawk glides over the surface of the water like no inflatable kayak we've seen before, with it's V-shaped hull keeping you perfectly straight as you cut through the water.  Paddling it is effortless.  Every stoke of the paddle provides what seems like a lifetime of momentum through the water.  It's very comfortable and wonderfully stable - more so than rigid equivalent kayaks.  It's spacious enough for family paddling trips and can cope superbly in all types of water terrain (coastal, open sea, rapids, inland rivers, lakes and canals). Taking a whopping 10 PSI, the drop-stitched walls and flooring feel absurdly stiff, like wood.  Once inflated, take a walk around the Tomahawk and you'll spot signs of quality written all over it - the whole kayak is lavishly furnished with thick, sturdy, armoured skin, super-strong heat-sealed seams and skilful stitch work.


🏅 Award-winning technology

Drop-stitch technology is what makes the Tomahawk so impressive.  Within the floor and walls of the kayak are an uncountable number of nylon threads, which ensure the kayak maintains it's optimal shape while you pile in pounds of highly-pressured air.  The result is an inflatable kayak that feels as stiff as solid wood.


🐊 Armoured skin

The underneath of the Tomahawk is protected by a thick armoured skin made up from several layers.  The result is a smooth and slippery surface with very low-drag. Thanks to this iron-like skin, you can drag the Tomahawk up shingle beaches, run aground over rocks, and graze against low-lying branches and roots.  Water will bead off the skin, keeping your kayak bone-dry for when you’re ready to pack up.  Despite it’s incredible strength, the material is lightweight and couldn’t be easier to roll up.


💡 Innovative features

- The Tomahawk can be used for solo, tandem, or family paddling with three adults. However many paddlers choose this model with the intention of paddling solo/tandem, removing the 3rd seat for extra legroom or space for camping/fishing gear.

- The Tomahawk is extremely difficult to flip over, making it a safe option for families. It’s nimble enough to navigate tight rivers, but robust and stable enough to tackle white-water rapids. The raised bow and spray deck makes for good defence against any choppy waves that would otherwise leave you a little wet.

- The whole kayak rolls into a neat backpack – perfect for storing dry items in whilst paddling. The bag features comfortable padded shoulder straps so that you can walk off with the kayak on your back and at 24Kg the Tomahawk is more than manageable for one person to carry and fits nicely inside a suitcase for adventures abroad.

- The Tomahawk comes with several handles at each end, and on both sides, making it effortless to carry.

- The Tomahawk is one of the only models to have 2 attachable skegs/fins.  These provide unrivalled directional stability and straight-line tracking.

- Super light, 40% lighter than a traditional hard canoe of the same class

- 3 separated air chambers for additional safety in long-distance adventures

- V-shape inflatable keel under bow and stern for remarkable tracking performance and efficient strokes

- Extra-long hull waterline for higher paddling speed

- Premium adjustable kayak seat with high backrest, spongy cushion and multiple storage pockets


📝 What's included

Tomahawk Inflatable Kayak (including seat)
Tomahawk backpack
2x stabilising fins (skegs)
High-pressure double-action pump with built-in pressure gauge
Owner’s manual
Aqua Marina Manufacturer Warranty


⚙️ Specifications:

Size: 375cm | Weight: 16.6kg | Max. load: 128kg
Configure as: Solo (single-seater only)
Inflate time: 5 minutes
Deflate time: Instant


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