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The 2021 Laxo is a staple model from AquaMarina® fleet.  This craft is fun, stable and a perfect choice for the paddlers wanting quality without breaking the bank.  The Laxo has facilitated exciting days out for families and couples up and down the country, earning a reputation as a great go-to model for all-round paddling.  The best bit is that there's no need for roof racks - the entire kit can be thrown into a small bag.

The Laxo fleet is light-hearted and fun, but make no mistake, these kayaks offer you a trusty vessel for explorations on lakes, coastal sea, rivers and canals.  See what we're talking about in the clip below:


❓ Seating options

The Laxo comes in three versions:

Laxo 285 (Solo / Single-seater)

Laxo 320 (Twin / 2-seater)

Laxo 380 (Triple / 3-seater)


🐊 Armoured skin

The underneath of the Laxo is protected by a thick armoured skin made up from several layers.  The result is a smooth and slippery surface with very low-drag. This skin gives the Laxo protection against any scrapes from shingle beaches and river beds.  Water will bead off the skin, keeping your kayak bone-dry for when you’re ready to pack up.  Despite its strength, the material is lightweight and couldn’t be easier to roll up.


💡 Innovative features

- The Laxo can be used for solo, tandem, or family paddling with three people. 

- The Laxo is extremely difficult to flip over, making it a safe option for families. The raised bow and spray deck makes for good defence against any choppy waves that would otherwise leave you a little wet.

- The whole kayak rolls into a neat carry bag – perfect for storing items in whilst paddling.  The whole kit is light enough for one person to carry easily and fits nicely inside a suitcase for adventures abroad.

- The Laxo comes with several handles at each end, and on both sides, making it effortless to carry.

- The Laxo is one of the only models to have 2 attachable skegs/fins.  These provide unrivalled directional stability and straight-line tracking.

- Super light, 40% lighter than a traditional hard canoe of the same class

- 3 separated air chambers for additional safety in long-distance adventures

- Premium adjustable kayak seat with high backrest, spongy cushion and multiple storage pockets


📝 What's included

Laxo Inflatable Kayak (including seats)
Laxo Bag (Does not come with shoulder straps)
2x Aqua Marina Sport Paddles (2-part)
2x stabilising fins (skegs)
Foot pump
Owner’s manual
Aqua Marina Manufacturer Warranty


⚙️ Specifications:

Size: 320cm | Weight: 15kg | Max. load: 155kg
Configure as: Solo, Tandem or Triple
Inflate time: 5 minutes
Deflate time: Instant


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