XL Power Pump

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🏅About the XL Power Pump

The new 2018 XL Power Pump is the highest capacity kayak stirrup pump available.


💡 Here's why we like it: 

  • Each stoke up & down forces 5 Litres of air into the kayak!
  • It inflates when you push down, and when you pull up, making inflation twice as fast.
  • It has a deflate mode, allowing you to draw every last bit of air out when packing up.
  • A longer hose now makes set-up even easier.
  • The pump piston moves extremely smoothly in motion compared to other pumps we've tried.
  • High pressure pump up to 600mbar 8.7psi
  • Complete with universal valve adaptors
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • 21cm x 12cm x 47cm


Note: Pressure gauges comes with your kayak, not the pump.

The Pro Pump a popular stirrup pump here at Aquascene, however many customers upgrade to an electric pump to make life even easier. Take a look at our electric pumps which can be powered on-the-move by a rechargeable battery, 240 mains socket, and 12v car sockets!


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