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­čöŹ┬áAbout this paddle

Our all-time favourite paddle has been updated for 2020.  This year the Pro Paddle is even lighter, stronger and comes in striking red.  This paddle breaks down for storage into 4 pieces.

The blades are shaped for effortless, powerful paddling, and the powdered-coated polypropylene finish leaves a slightly rough texture which significantly reduces drips from running from the paddle down to your arm, which is seen with many cheap paddles out there.  It's no coincidence that we've paired the Pro Paddles with our highest performance kayaks, a good kayak deserves an equally good paddle.


­čĺí Good ideas

The aluminium shaft is not only strong and incredibly light weight, but also breaks into four parts for easy storage. The blades are made from a mixutre of 60% polopropylene and 40% fibreglass, which makes it one of the lightest paddles out there - ideal for long journeys when your arms start to feel it!

The red blades make you a more visible paddler if you are kayaking in coastal locations.


ÔÜÖ´ŞĆ Specifications:

  • 220cm total length.
  • Multiple feather settings
  • Spoon-shaped 40% fibreglass and reinforced polypropylene blades
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Cold weather grip with blade indicator
  • 2 drip rings