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ūüĒ欆 About this pump

This Sevylor Kayak pump will effortlessly inflate any kayak in the Sevylor range to its recommended pressure.  Conveniently powered by a 230v wall socket, this pump is powerful, reliable and fast.  


ūüí°¬†Our¬†Favourite Electric Pump!

This is a personal favourite - we use it here in our workshop because it's reliable, well-made and compact.  But don't let its small size fool you - it's exceptionally powerful!  

This pump plugs into any mains wall socket.  We also have a Rechargeable version that can be used remotely, and a simple pressure 12v pump.  But this pump is favourite here at Aquascene and amongst our customers.


*The pressure gauge in the image is to show that this pump is compatible with pressure gauges.  Please note that your pressure gauge will come with your kayak, not with this pump.