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Sevylor Reef 240

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The Reef 240 sit-on kayak is our most popular choice for the solo paddler.  Capable of navigating the coastal waves, this lightweight but sturdy model is incredible fun.  

..and great value at just £169.99 as part of our summer holiday sale.

The Reef has a see-through viewing panel in the floor - perfect for observing the scenes below, as well as plenty of tie-downs to secure cargo and snorkelling accessories.  The open back makes it easy to climb in and out of if swimming about.  

  • Sturdy one man sit-on-top kayak, ideal for lakes, fishing and sea shores. Broad shape combines stability and comfort when out on the water plus bungee cords for securing cargo.
  • Transparent front window.
  • The kayak seat is easy to adjust, offering good comfort while paddling. One removable footrest for increased performance.
  • The compact sit-on-top design comes with a durable nylon hull, two PVC side chambers and an ultra-durable tarpaulin shell for high stability and safety on the water.
  • Kayak size inflated 236 x 86 cm, weight 7kg
  • Arched window for underwater observation
  • Jumbo valves for easy inflating and deflating
  • Manometer: To check the pressure easily after inflation
  • 1 Adjustable Seating
  • 1 detachable footrest for higher performance
  • Oar Support
  • Elastic Ropes for load holding
  • Removable fin and welded directional guides for greater maneuverability
  • 2 Handles for easy transport
  • Carrying bag

The Reef comes in 3 packages - each is designed by Aquascene and comprises hand-selected, quality equipment that is paired perfectly to the Reef.  Alternatively you can choose your equipment separately to suit your needs.  All of our package deals include a discount.


Sevylor Reef:

The Reef comes with the kayak, seat, a pressure gauge, carry bag, skeg/fin and an owners manual.

Sevylor Reef 240 Inflatable Sit-on Kayak 


Sevylor Reef 'Kit 1'

The Reef Kit 1 includes everything above as well as a high-quality foot pump, and a Leisure Paddle.

Sevylor Reef 240 Inflatable Sit-on Kayak


Sevylor Reef 'Kit 2'

The Reef Kit 2 includes everything in Kit 1, as well as a specialist Canoe Buoyancy Aid by Baltic.  Unlike sailing buoyancy aids, the Baltic Canoe Vests are shaped perfectly for paddling and they're one-size-fits-all.  Simply use the straps to adjust for kids (7 yrs/40kg) to XL adults (130kg).  The vests come with a 5 year quality guarantee.

Sevylor Reef 240 Inflatable Sit-on Kayak 

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