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ūüĒć About this buoyancy aid

Due to their success, Baltic Canoe Vests are included in all of our 'Kit 2' package deals.  Not only are they one-size-fits all, which makes life easy for our customers, they're also designed specifically for paddling.  Most life jackets out there are actually sailing buoyancy aids - bulky and uncomfortable for use in paddlesports.  


ūüí°Made for paddlesports¬†

Shaped specifically for paddlesports the Baltic canoe vest is short-cut at the waist, which prevents the vest digging into your stomach whilst you're sitting in the kayak/canoe.  The vest also has minimal padding around the shoulder area, which allows your shoulders as much movement as possible so that you can paddle freely.

ūüŹÖWhat we think

This is our vest of choice at Aquascene, and everyone in the team uses them.  They feel incredibly nimble and understated - it doesn't feel like your wearing much, which leaves you with great flexibility and movement.  There's a handy mesh pocket on the front, and fully adjustable straps so that you're snug and safe - it doesn't matter whether your 8 years old (40kg) or an extra large adult (130kg).

ūüďĚ 5 Year Quality Guarantee

With a 5 year quality guarentee from Baltic, these are an investment for years of use.  The best part is, kids cannot outgrow them because of it's universal size!  It also comes with groin-straps which can be used to secure the jacket to small youngsters, preventing it riding above their head.


This buoyancy aid is included in all of our 'Kit 2' package deals and comes in two colours:

       Navy & Red                       Navy/Yellow Vis

Baltic Canoe Vest (Navy/Red)

             Baltic Canoe Vest (Navy/Yellow)

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