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1st Vest: Universal Size 40kg-130kg
2nd Vest: Universal Size 40kg-130kg
Paddle Options: 2x Pro Paddles
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Here's what we think

The Sevylor Montreal 2024 is Sevylor's newest release and is based on the success of the much-loved 'Ottawa' model, but with some key improvements.  The biggest change is that the Montreal comes with a high-pressure drop-stitched floor, making the whole kayak feel completely rigid.  We can confidently endorse the Montreal as the most versatile inflatable kayaks available in 2024, so let's take a tour of the this brilliant model and explain why.


Construction & materials

The Montreal's drop-stitched floor is a brand new idea, and something of a game-changer.

Within the floor of the kayak is an uncountable number of vertical nylon threads, which ensure the kayak maintains its optimal shape and compression whilst you pile in pounds of highly-pressured air through the Montreal's high-pressure values pictured below.  The result is an inflatable kayak that feels as stiff as solid wood or fibreglass.


The underneath of the Montreal is protected by Decitex®, a patented skin formed from nylon that has been meticulously woven through multiple layers of PVC. The result is a smooth and slippery, water-tight surface with low-drag. Thanks to this iron-like skin, you can drag the Montreal up shingle beaches, run aground over rocks, and graze against low-lying branches and roots in riverbeds.  Water will bead off the Decitex® skin, keeping your kayak bone-dry for when you’re ready to pack up.  Despite it’s incredible strength, the material is lightweight and couldn’t be easier to roll up.  



The black Decitex® skin continues up the sides of the Montreal higher than any other model, making the kayak look quite striking.  However there's specific functional reasons behind the skin coming up higher on the sides of the kayak; better protection, more rigidity and a quicker drying time.  The first two benefits are obvious but the last is less so - by increasing the amount of Decitex® in the construction of the Montreal Sevylor have been able to minimise the use nylon canvas, which typically takes a little longer to dry.  Water will simply bead off of the black Decitex® skin leaving you with a wonderfully dry kayak to store away.   


The seats

The Montreal's seats come fully loaded with storage pockets, bungees and velcro pouches - everything you need to store drinks, shoes, lunch boxes, sun scream and the like.    The backrests have a nice curved shape to them, which makes you feel well-cupped as the seat wraps around your lower back.   

As with the Ottawa, the Montreal can easily be configured as a 3-seater, a 2-seater or a single-seater, giving you plenty of options for a different type of expedition.   


Useful features

The Montreal comes with four handles for ease of transport.  Two of the handles at the centre-point of the kayak double up as a Paddle Grip, enabling you to rest without your paddles drifting off!  We also find paddle grips helpful to hold your paddles whilst you're launching the kayak or carrying it down to the water.  Pictured below:


The front and rear of the Montreal features a spray deck to give your belongings some shelter from the elements.  Both spray decks are fashioned with a lattice of bungee cord to fasten down anything from dry bags, picnics, tents, fishing gear or similar.  


The fin (officially known as a 'skeg') is there to keep a kayak in a straight line and prevent it from fishtailing as you paddle.  Sevylor have re-shaped the skeg for the Montreal, making it more effective at its job. Needless to say the Montreal paddles in a beautifully straight line.  The way in which the skeg is attached to the kayak has also been improved, speeding up attachment/removal and reducing the chances of losing your skeg.


The Montreal also comes with an upgraded bag, which can now be zipped completely open down one side of the bag, making it effortless to insert the kayak back into the bag once deflated and rolled up.  The back straps are nice and padded for comfort too.  Pictured below:

In summary, the Montreal maintains the versatility of its predecessor (the Ottawa) except with meaningful improvements in almost every direction.  We also love the colour scheme - the photos don't quite do justice to the style of this stunning piece of kit.  10 out of 10 from us.


📝 What's included

Sevylor Montreal Inflatable Kayak
Sevylor Montreal backpack 
Sevylor stabilising fin (skeg)
Sevy-Smart pressure gauge
Owner’s manual & quick-repair kit
Aqua-care Warranty (2 Years) + Sevylor Manufacturer Warranty


⚙️ Specifications:

Size: 383x92cm | Size boxed: 81x45x26cm | Weight: 20kg | Max. load: 225kg
Configure as: Solo, tandem or triple-seater
Inflate time: 3 minutes
Deflate time: Instant


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