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Sevylor Wateron 2017



The Waterton is brand new to this year, and it’s Sevylor’s 2017 answer to the 2012 Adventure model.

Aside from the stylish facelift, the Waterton comes with larger spray decks on the bow and stern with useful bungy cord – perfect for storing your camping kit, lunch or equipment.  The seats have also been made much firmer and supportive with high-density foam back rests.

The most substancial change is the hull (underside), now an ultra-strong dual skin made by Decitex®, which is nylon woven through PVC.  Not only does this mean protection against sharp rocks, shingle beaches and even fishing hooks, it also provides a smooth, waterproof surface to travel over the water.

On the water the Waterton feels very rigid, and tracks beautifully in the water.  The same dimensions as the Adventure, the Waterton is the perfect size to accommodating for two people.

Nimble enough to glide through rivers, and robust and stable enough to tackle white water and rapids, the Waterton is extremely difficult to flip over, and the high walls make for good defence against any choppy waves that would otherwise leave you a little wet.  Despite its tremendous rigidity and strength, the whole kayak rolls into a neat carry bag, which is more than manageable at just 12kg.

This Kayak features an attachable skeg and directional strake, which gives it incredible directional stability, just like a hard kayak.  The whole kayak rolls up smaller enough to fit into a suitcase, and is under the holidaying weight limit at 12kg!  A great choice for the experienced or veteran kayaker wanting some performance, but equally great fun for beginners and families who want the adventure without the roof racks!

If you want more information and advice, give our friendly team a call on 01702 597878.

Inflates in 3 Minutes & Deflates Instantly
Room for Storage
2 Years ‘Aquascene Care Warranty’ (Free replacements & repairs).

Sevylor Waterton (2 Person Kayak)
Pressure Gauge
Repair Kit & Owners Manual
Nylon Carry Bag

Size: 314 x 88cm     Size boxed: 70 x 45 x 30cm      Weight: 12kg     Max. load: 230kg

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