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Sealable Day Bag (Medium)


Aquapac’s Stormproof range of Wet & Dry Bags are perfect for anyone outdoors who doesn’t want to worry about their gear.

The Noataks feature a unique middle-sheet for separate storage of wet and dry items - because dry clothes and wet clothes don’t mix.

Manufactured from lightweight TPU-coated fabrics, it features welded seams and a classic 3-roll seal for complete waterproofing to IPX6 (that’s fire-hose proof!).

Each bag features fully adjustable straps so it can be worn as a backpack, shoulderbag or with no straps at all.  And an innovative lashtab makes it easy to tie down to canoe, bike or raft.

Guaranteed for 5 years from first purchase.

Dimensions of case (flat): W 360mm x H 710mm, W 14in x H 28in
Capacity 15/25/35/60 Litres

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