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Camera Case (Waterproof)


Aquapac is the world’s leading supplier of use-through waterproof carrying solutions for the outdoor life.

Aquapac’s Submersible range of simple, use-through camera cases are perfect for outdoor photographers who don’t want to worry about their gear.  There is an acrylic lens material for this camera case so you can get great photos through the case, even underwater.

Supplied with an adjustable lanyard and desiccant sachets to absorb any condensation in humid climates.

The Aquaclip sealing system is independently tested by the Engineering Research Centre at Imperial College, London and guaranteed to IPX8 (Underwater to 5m/15ft).

Guaranteed for 5 years from first purchase.

Dimensions of case (flat, closed): W 115mm x L 185mm, W 4.5in x L 7.2in

Circumference of largest camera that will fit: 200mm, 7.9in

Maximum Zoom depth 50mm/2in

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