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Alameda Premium Kit 2


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We hand select quality equipment to make your life easier and guarantee that accessories are fit for purpose.  In this kit, we’ve paired the Sevylor Alameda kayak with two Pro Paddles (high-performance, lightweight alu/fibreglass paddles with an anti-drip surface) and our team’s favourite hand pump, the Pro Pump by Sevylor.  We’ve also selected 2 Baltic Canoe Vests, which are adjustable to anyone - from children of just 6 years, to XL adults weighing up to 130kg!  The vests come with a 5 year warranty and cannot be outgrown the children.

The Sevylor Alameda Premium 2017 is the most recent addition to the fleet.  Much like it’s sister model, the Ottawa, the Alameda is enormously popular.  The Alameda Premium is a serious investment in return for unparalleled strength, performance and stability.  

What’s the difference between the ‘Alameda’ and the ‘Alameda Premium’?  Both models are identical apart from one feature – the Premium version comes with Sevylor’s ‘Easy Inflation System®’.  This is a single-point valve that’s incredibly easy to use.  Simply turn the cap to the unlock position, and watch all 3 tubes inflate simultaneously as you pump.  The valve is cleverly designed so that if one tube is punctured, the others will remain inflated.  In our opinion the Alameda Premium is well worth the additional cost, and a very nice luxury to have if you’re setting up from a beach, riverside or car.

Our team are impressed by the Alameda Premium’s ability to glide over the water, tracking in a perfectly straight line, whilst remaining stable and balanced enough to carry families in all types of water conditions (coastal, open sea, rapids, inland rivers lakes and canals).  Taking a higher inflation pressure than other kayaks in the Sevylor range, this model performs exceptionally well and we simply love it.  

The most impressive and helpful feature of the Sevylor Alameda Premium is the new 2017 seating design.  Each seat is suspended from the side tubes via hooks, which has four enormous benefits:

1. Your weight is spread across the whole kayak, not just the floor - this removes any misshaping of the hull, and resulting drag from the bump.
2. The hooks run the full length of the kayak, meaning that each seat can be moved forwards/backwards inch-by-inch, or removed altogether!  Perfect for paddling solo, with a tall partner, or if you’re taking the children/family out.
3. Higher-up, you won’t get a wet bum, and you’ll find paddling much easier when reaching over the side chambers.
4. The backrests have built-in lumbar support bringing comfort above and beyond that of a rigid kayak - say goodbye to backache and hello to longer, more enjoyable journeys.

The underneath of the Alameda Premium is protected by Decitex®, a patented skin formed from nylon that has been meticulously woven through multiple layers of PVC.  The result is a smooth and slippery surface with low-drag.  Thanks to this ‘iron-like’ skin, you can drag the Alameda Premium up shingle beaches, run aground over rocks, and graze against low-lying branches and roots.  Water will bead off the Decitex® skin, keeping your kayak bone-dry for when you’re ready to pack up.  
Despite it’s incredible strength, the material is lightweight and couldn’t be easier to roll up.

The Sevylor Alameda Premium can be used for solo, tandem, or family paddling with two adults and children.  However many paddlers choose this model with the intention of paddling solo/tandem, removing the 3rd seat for extra legroom or space for camping/fishing gear.

The Alameda Premium is extremely difficult (near impossible) to flip over, making it a safe option for families.  It’s nimble enough to navigate tight rivers, but robust and stable enough to tackle white-water rapids.   The raised bow and spray deck makes for good defence against any choppy waves that would otherwise leave you a little wet.  

The whole kayak rolls into a neat, watertight backpack – perfect for storing dry items in whilst paddling.  The bag features comfortable padded shoulder straps so that you can walk off with the kayak on your back, and a drainage plug so that you can drip-dry the kayak whilst it’s inside the bag.  At 18Kg this kayak is more than manageable for one person to carry and fits nicely inside a suitcase for adventures abroad.

The Alameda Premium has handles at the mid-point, and at each end of the kayak, so it’s even easier to carry by yourself.  The new paddle grips hold your paddles for you whilst you rest, removing the need to bring a wet paddle into the cockpit.

This kayak comes with an attachable fin and built-in directional strake, which gives the boat incredible directional stability and tracking.  

Sevylor Alameda Premium kayak
2x Pro Paddles (Fibreglass & anti-drip)
Sevylor Pro Pump
2x Baltic Canoe Life Vests (Adjustable to any size!)
Sevylor Alameda Premium backpack (also a sealable drybag)
Sevylor stabilising fin (skeg)
Sevy-Smart pressure gauge
Owner’s manual & quick-repair kit
Aqua-care Warranty (2 Years) + Sevylor Manufacturer Warranty

Size: 375x93cm   |   Size boxed: 81x45x26cm   |   Weight: 18kg   |   Max. load: 215kg
Configure as: Solo, tandem or triple-seater
Inflate time: 3 minutes
Deflate time: Instant

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