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Answers to your questions


Do you deliver to Europe?

We can deliver to the UK as well as any country in Europe!  Just select your location upon checkout.


How long is delivery?

Delivery is next day, just order before midday on any weekday.  If you order after midday your order will arrive within 48hrs.


Which courier do you use?

We use TNT.  Deliveries with TNT can occur between 9am & 5pm.

Unfortantely you cannot specify a 1hr time slot.


What if I'm not at home for delivery?

If you aren't home when we deliver, you can leave a note out for the driver to leave the package with a neighborough or a preferable place.  If you don't do this we'll try to re attempt delivery the following day.


Will I recieve tracking information?

After purchasng you will recive a Paypal confirmation and reciept.  You won't recieve a tracking code, but can request one by emialing us if helpful.


Can I get delivery to work, or an alternative address?

YES!  If you want your kayak delivered to work or a friends house, please just use this address on checkout.  If you can't do this just use your billing address and then send us a seperate email afterwards with your prefered delivery address.


How much does delivery cost?

It's free!  However if you live in Scotland, Ireland, or the Channel Islands we charge for delivery.  You will find current rates on the checkout page.

Returns & Warranty

Can I return my kayak?

Yes, you have 30 days to return an unwanted item.  The item must be unopened and unused unless the item is faulty or was incorrectly sent.


How long is the warranty?

Our 'Aquacare' warranty means that your kayak and all associated accessories are covered under warranty for 2 years!  To make a claim just get in touch, and we'll be happy to repair or replace any faulty products.


Does the warranty cover accidental damage?

Unfortunately not, but if you do damage your kayak (for example by tearing it) get in touch, as we stock all spare parts.  Sevylor kayaks are extremely durable and rarely succumb to damage, but they are designed to be easily repairable - so you'll never be stranded!


Where should I return items?

Please contact us for any returns, and we'll be happy to advise on the best address to use.

Our location

Do you have a physical store or showroom?

No, we are an online only business.  However we are enthusiasts and know Sevylor products intimately.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge compared to other shops so do not hesitate to email us for advice.


Where are you based?

Our offices are in Loughborough, Leicestershire.  This is our office location only, so please do not send returns here.

Choosing a Kayak

Should I spend over £200, or less than £200?

Spending less than £200 will get you a single-skin kayak made of PVC.  These are a great way to get paddling for less - the down-side being that they aren't as durable and may not last as long.  Spending over £200 will get you a much more rigid-feeling kayak that can take a lot more punishment.  These are made of Nylon & Desitex superstrong skins.


What's the difference with 'Premium' models?

Premium models are the same as the standard models, but with one difference; premium models comes with the Easy Inflation System - a special valve, which allows you to inflate all 3 tubes at the same time.  A nice luxury to have that speeds up your set-up time!


What is the best model for back support?

Easy.  The Alameda, Alameda Premium, or the Ottawa.  These models have newly design seats which provide unparralled comfort and support, even for very heavy people.  We're very impressed with these, and know that you will be too.


Can I use a tandem/3-seater kayak on my own?

Yes!  All Sevylor kayaks can be converted into single seaters.  Even if you choose a 3 seater, they are still perfectly nimble enough to paddle solo, and you can configure seating for just yourslef, two people, or three.


Can I pay over the phone?

No, we only accept payment through our website.  We accept all major debit/credit cards, and we also accept Paypal.


Do I need a Paypal account?

No, if you don't wish to pay using a Paypal account, or don't have one, just select the option to 'check out as a guest'.


Will I recieve a reciept?

Yes, you will recieve confirmation of your order from Paypal immediately after purchasing.

Quality & Materials

What are the kayaks made from?

Sevylor kayaks are made using tight-weave nylon - super lightwieght but incredibly heavy duty with regards to strength and duability.  The internal tubes are made from thick PVC, and the hulls (black) are made from Desitex for unmatched strength and low resistance through the water.


How durable are they?

Sevylor kayaks are designed to be incredibly strong, and when it comes to the nylon models, they're fine to be dragged up shingle beaches etc.. without perishing.  They are UV resistant and deal extremely well with weathering.  Punctures are incredibly rare, but none the less easily reapired if not covered under warranty.


How long should my kayak last?

With good care, your kayak should last at least 15 years without any issues.  

Usage & set-up

How long does it take to inflate/deflate?

From taking out of the box/rucksack, to paddling on the water, set-up should take around 5-6 minutes on first use.  Once you get the hang of it, it can be done in nearer to 3 mnutes.  Deflating is even quicker - near enough instant! Just roll it up and throw it in the bag!


How small is the kayak when packed up?

Pretty small.  All Sevylor kayaks are designed to go inside a backpack or carry bag.  You can even put them inside a suitcase to take on holiday!


Do I need to do any maintainence?

Very little.  But it certainly helps to rinse the kayak with fresh water once used  in the sea or salt-water locations.  When you're done paddling for a long period of time (for example throughout the winter), be sure to dry the kayak thoroughly to prevent any mould developing.

Repairs & spares

Can I easily make repairs?

Yes, you can access/remove all inner tubes via a zip, which allows you to make repairs on either the inner tubes or the outter Nylon skin.  A repair kit is provided for free with every kayak.


Do you stock spare parts?

Yes, we stock all spare parts.  If you need one just get in touch.  Spare parts or replacements may be covered under your warranty if you purchased the kayak from us originally.

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